Shampoo (natural origin) Aloe Vera

Marpoma 98,9% Pure Aloe Vera Juice
98,9% Pure Aloe Vera Juice
1 April, 2015
Marpoma Moisturising Dermatological Gel
Moisturising Dermatological Gel
1 April, 2015

Shampoo (natural origin) Aloe Vera

Marpoma Shampoo (natural origin) Aloe Vera

(From our own ecological plantation)

Thanks to the richness of its active principles, this shampoo made with 15% pure Aloe Vera cultivated in our own ecological plantation nourishes, reinforces and stimulates the scalp.

Especially recommended for normal and oily hair, it can also be used to treat scalp problems.

Dandruff is actually a skin disorder, characterised by flaking of the corneous layer. The high quantity of pure ecological Aloe Vera contained in this shampoo acts as an anti-dandruff agent by regulating sebaceous secretions.

Our Aloe Vera shampoo slows down the flaking of the corneal layer of the scalp, which defends the hair against external attacks.

Presentation: 400 ml container.

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