Natural Body-Milk

Marpoma Moisturising Dermatological Gel
Moisturising Dermatological Gel
1 April, 2015
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Hand Cream
8 April, 2015

Natural Body-Milk

Marpoma Natural Body-Milk

Natural Body Milk with 15% pure Aloe Vera can be used for all skin types, especially sensitive or irritated skin, due to its moisturising, smoothing and calming properties.

Enriched with Wheat Germ with a high Vitamin E content, it helps to slow the aging process related to the appearance of free radicals.

The skin of the body also deserves our care and attention. Many parts of the body such as the hands, legs and feet have hardly any sebaceous glands, which means they don’t produce a protective layer on the skin and are prone to drying out easily.

Because of this, it is necessary to moisturise our skin on a daily basis in order to maintain the protective layer.

This Natural Aloe Vera Body Milk for daily use softens and moisturises the skin according to its needs. It is recommended for use on the body and hands after showering, bathing, shaving or sun bathing.

Presentation: 250 and 500 ml containers.

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