Natural Artisan Soap Pulp

Marpoma Moisturising Lip Balm
Moisturising Lip Balm
13 April, 2015
Marpoma Serum Snake
Serum Snake
13 April, 2015

Natural Artisan Soap Pulp

Marpoma Natural Artisan Soap Pulp

Artisan soap of natural origin, the manufacturing process is carried out using a “cold” technique, without heating the oils, thus preserving the quality and properties of the raw materials used.

Created with a base of Coconut and Olive oil and enriched with 15% Aloe Vera pulp obtained from our own ecological plantation, it is especially recommended for skin diseases such as eczemas, eruptions, acne, irritations and wounds. It has excellent cleansing power and is suitable for the following skin types: normal, greasy and seborrhoeic.

We must remember that good skin care begins with a careful daily hygiene routine.

The impurities of the face and neck are formed by three types of compound:

  • Oleaginous substances: fats which come from sebaceous and epidermal lipids.
  • Proteinic materials: Superficial residues of skin and perspiration.
  • Materials from environmental pollution and cosmetic residues (make-up, eye shadows etc.).
  • It is possible that the soap will become rough with use; this is due to the high level of Aloe pulp which it contains.
  • No animal fats. No Colorants.

Presentation: 120 gr and 170 gr bars.

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