Moisturising Dermatological Gel

Marpoma Shampoo (natural origin) Aloe Vera
Shampoo (natural origin) Aloe Vera
1 April, 2015
Marpoma Natural Body-Milk
Natural Body-Milk
8 April, 2015

Moisturising Dermatological Gel

Marpoma Moisturising Dermatological Gel
This moisturising dermatological gel with pure ALOE VERA 100 % obtained from our own ecological plantation contains vitamin C and Ecomplexes with anti-oxidizing action which slow down the ageing processes associated with the appearance of free radicals.

It is recommended as a cellular regenerator with refreshing and calming properties. Use after sun bathing and on irritated skin aftershaving, depilation or burns, as well as for the more common skin alterations, where large cellular packets are formed, appearing as flaking skin (e.g.: ichthyosis, psoriasis …). Also suggested for use on all types of skin problems (dermatitis, eczemas...).

Apply uniformly to face and body massaging the area to be treated. Once absorbed, a second application is advised to increase its effectiveness.

- Non-greasy, non-occlusive product, well tolerated by the skin.

- The product has a natural light green transparent colour due to our ecological Aloe Vera. The colour is not completely green as there are no added colorants. No Colorants.

- If exposed directly to the air for a prolonged period of time, the gel will become darker in colour due to its high content of pure Aloe Vera.

- As it is a natural product, it is advisable to keep it stored in a cool dry place during the hot months.

Presentation: 250 ml container. For larger quantities consult the factory.

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