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Cosmética Marpoma, S.L. is a Cosmetic Laboratory authorised by the Ministry of Health and Consumption, Registry Number 1948-C. The company has its own ecological plantation of Aloe Vera next to the factory, operation number MU-0715/PE.

Our aim is to promote healthy habits for our organism. Our business objective is the elaboration and commercialisation of Cosmetic Products using natural materials enriched with a high percentage of pure Aloe Vera 100% from our own plantation, which guarantees all of the advantages of this medicinal plant for our products and our completely natural health and beauty solutions.

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We can guarantee that only pure 100% Aloe Vera is used in our Laboratory because it is cultivated here on our plantation, where it is carefully obtained in the most natural and ecological way in order to preserve its ingredients and properties.

Geographical Zone

We are located in the Region of Murcia, specifically in the district called “The countryside of Cartagena”; an area of great agricultural potential within the region.

The red, fertile land, combined with the benign climate makes the countryside of Cartagena one of the richest and most productive areas of cultivation.

It is an extensive fertile plain close to the Mar Menor and the beaches of the Mediterranean coast, semi-desert landscapes contrasted with meadows, valleys covered with vegetation and almond blossom in Spring, close to the mountains which overlook the fertile countryside of Cartagena.

Ecological Aloe Vera plantation

The Aloe plant is cultivated in many parts of the world but in contrary to the majority of South American, African and Asian countries, Spain, as a member of the European Community, is obliged to follow strict quality control procedures according to EU law. Biological products are given state certificates, guaranteeing that the aloe used, do not belong to crops that have been physically or chemically exploited.

Nowadays Spain is considered one of the best areas of production and supply in the world.

The closer the plantations to the area of acquisition and use, the greater the guarantee that the product is fresh and effective, as it hasn’t had the chance to deteriorate over several months inside containers at temperatures which make it impossible to maintain the qualities of the product.

The exclusive methods of cultivation, harvesting, extraction and stabilisation which exist in the present day allow us to achieve juice which has a similar consistency to that of the fresh leaf.